About Us

chi-siamo-azienda Ecochimica Srl since 1979 works in the field of water treatment and chemicals in general.

We work with companies in every sector of industry to acquire and develop innovative and effective technologies in the field of water treatment and purification.

Our staff provides ongoing support to the customer with regular visits and analytical controls when necessary.



What we do
Preparation of chemicals and reagents for wastewater treatment, targeted to achieve the goals of speed up of the process.
Optimization and speed of the flocculation ; obtaining clear water easily re-usable.

  • Reduction of conductivity
  • Acceleration of the process of settling
  • Removal of suspended solids from process water
  • Reduction of bacterial load (elimination of fungi, algae and unpleasant odors)
  • Development of whole cycle of filtration

We can design and supply treatment plants complete with filter-systems and complete filtration for industrial process water and food.
The stages of completion are made internally, or outside only under our control.
The assembly of plants is always performed by our technicians which will be the same that will assist you in after-sales service.
For each part of the plant we can provide assistance, spare parts and extensions.
We design, develop, and we can also offer a range of paint strippers for industrial metalworking and woodworking.
The range of chemicals we test in the laboratory include the major basic chemicals.
Our offer is completed with a line of chemicals for swimming pool.