Metalworking and other chemicals

Metalworking and other chemicals

For industry of Metalworking, Ecochimica offers a complete range of products and services.

The metal processing industry is divided into actual machining of metal (Process of cutting, stamping, deep drawing, cutting, punching, forming hot and cold etc etc) and surface treatments, id est all those treatments that exist
after the machining of the workpiece and before further transform or send it to the next processing.

About metalworking, Ecochimica, offers a full range of refrigerants and coolants specific for each type of process and needs.

The lubricating fluid must be chosen according to the type of processing, to its critical and must have mechanical properties specific for the type of stress it will suffer.


lavorazione-metalli-1For manufacturing simple and not severe we offer a range of soluble fluid: non-synthetic, synthetic or semi-synthetic formulated specifically for the the customer (with % oil in water ranging from 4% to 10%).
For heaviest works we have a full range of oils with different mechanical characteristics according to the requests, such as oils enriched with EP additives to work under extreme pressures.

We divide our products based on the type of metal they are to be used with; as example steels, ferrous alloys, aluminum alloys or yellow ones.

If you have to deal with die casting, hot deformation or cold, we still have the solution, offering you chemicals for this sector, such as release agents specific for each material and support.

About surface treatments (referring to refine already machined parts or treat them to protect from rusting), we are able to provide rust and corrosion prevention, useful in those cases in which the pieces have to stand still in stock before being sent to another machining;
We produce dewatering, to remove moisture from pieces previously treated with aqueous emulsions which leave the pieces wet.
We prepare surface protective oily or waxy for those situations (such as travel by ship) subjecting the pieces to conditions of extreme oxidation and degradation. We also offer detergents for washing machined parts, both in aqueous-based and benzene-based. We also provide specific products such as fluids for thermal processing, such as the quenching of the steel, for which there are provided refrigerants specific (and not water) in order to not make the fragile machined.

Finally we have a full range of maintenance, such as descaling, detergent, oil and fluid for unscrew rail slides: a formulation specifically for prevent polluting in aqueous emulsions, with which inevitably comes in contact during processing.



Urea is a necessary substance in trucks with Euro 4 and Euro 5 exhaust to remove gaseous pollutants prohibited by law, primarily NOx produced during combustion.
It is necessary to avoid contamination, and is required by law. A truck without a urea is classified as Euro 3 even if they had superior technology, as the pollutants would still be released. Ecochimica provides ECO BLUE specifically for use on trucks a solution of 32.5% urea SCR catalysts for Euro 4 and Euro 5. It is a superior fluid specifically prepared to avoid crystallization