Paint Strippers



Ecochimica has expanded its area becoming specialized in manufacturing and supplying of industrial paint strippers.

Whether you need solutions for the metal industry alternatives to sandblasting, (both iron and aluminum) or wood products, fixtures and handcrafted or restoration or plastic products, Ecochimica has the solution to your needs.

We take care of study and develop, for each customer, the most effective and economical way to deal with any surface, remaining respectful of environmental standards, designing and developing products as much as possible harmless to human health, combining efficiency, speed and safety.



The benefits of develop on site, at customer’s side, are many, and essentially:

  1. Faster stripping than generic broad spectrum strippers, since developed especially for you
  2. Complete removal of the paint, with significant reduction of further manual work by the operator
  3. Stripped surfaces free from oxide and alterations of any kind, that make the material perfect for a subsequent treatment
  4. Long life of the stripper over time, since our formulations are designed not only to be effective but also to last long you don’t have to replac them after a few cycles

We are able to offer different types of strippers: stripping liquid immersion in a bath (both iron, steel, aluminum, yellow alloys); thick gel stripper, spreading with a brush, for manuals operations.

Dense gel stripper: Ecochimica produces a range of paint stripper with different density and specificity, to match different application. We studied various types of gel to cover all types of paint existing in the market, from the powder to synthetic and also natural as shellac.
Moreover, in case of need, Ecochimica is able to modify these types of gel, to make them more or less dense, if the type of process require special situations (for example, the need to spread it on vertical surfaces) or even to vary the power of penetration for a particular type of paint.
Give us a sample of the type of paint you need to be removed and in a short time we will provide you the solution.
These products are rapid in their use and maintain the safety standards currently required by law.

Liquid Strippers: are new formulated , alkali, but free from soda.
Old soda-based strippers had the unpleasant contraindication to stain the pieces or leave whitish marks on the metal.
Furthermore soda in an old/exhausted stripper tends to crystallize and make deposits or worse, to thicken, if the bathroom is left inactive for a long and cold. Our new liquid strippers can avoid this problem and provide a stripping a third faster than old strippers.
We provide both liquid strippers that need to be heated in a tank, and liquid one, suitable for plastic parts, that can be used cold to avoid damageing in workpieces.

We can provide a range of products for industrial pickling.

Pickling process is a useful process to make the next painting the most efficient and homogeneous as possible.
We treat your pieces with our products in order to prepare them perfectly to the next stage of production.
The acid solutions prepared specifically for this process are ideal to remove surfactants, rusty residues or other impurities, preparing it for further work.

Finally we are able to preserve the state of the stripped pieces, to prevent oxidation and degradation due to environmental conditions on stripped pieces, stored in the warehouse or during their shipping.
Our chemicals also remove surface moisture and preventing any further watery deposit.