Plant and Machinery


Ecochimica not only study and provide the necessary chemical for depuration of your water, but will also provide a design service and further installation of complete water treatment plants, sized according to the needs of your working machinery, also considering the possibility to expand your production.
It is not unusual in fact that thanks to the efficient purification, customer is provided with good amounts of purified water that can grant an overall improvement of the process.
The systems we deal with are mainly water purification systems, our task is to size them to match your existing system, considering where and how inject our flocculants, selecting tailored to your needs.
Usually these systems are tanks involved in the reaction between the sludge and flocculant, in which the flakes have the opportunity to settle, allowing to separate the clean water (in the head) and the mud (from the bottom).
At the end of the cycle we usually set automatic filter presses to save money on waste giveaway, recycle the greatest possible amount of water and automatize unloading of sludge avoiding manual and visual control.

Chi fino ad oggi ha sempre operato manualmente, magari con la costrizione di dover assegnare risorse e personale a tali controlli scoprirà quanto un’automatizzazione del ciclo porti risparmio, sia in termini temporali, sia economici, sia di semplicità.
In addition, for every machine supplied by us we provide assistance, spare parts, such as cloths for filter presses, and a constant presence in order to grant all help and advice you could need.

Ecochimica also designs and supplie systems for selective culling of pollutants in order to comply with increasingly law stringent regulations. In the basic chemistry you can find a whole range of chemicals useful to the maintenance and operation of water treatment plants as well as pre-existing mechanical systems.




Our experience has enabled us to build plants of several types:

  • Chemical and physical systems
  • Glulam plants
  • Construction work
  • Reverse Osmosis plant
  • Deareating plant
  • Oil separator plant
  • Chemical dosing systems
  • Complete Water Filtration Plant