Water Treatment


Ecochimica was founded in 1979 and now is specialized in the formulation of reagents for water treatment.

We offer a 360 ° service starting with a tour of the plant to study

the specific needs of the client and allow us to develop in our laboratory

the best solutions, at low environmental impact

and where possible with eco-friendly

products of the Green Line.

In addition to providing products and reagents we assist the customer

during the entire process of depuration optimizing the cycle

sino alla filtropressatura dei fanghi , possiamo fornire

from the start to the filter pressing of sludge. We can also provide filter press cloths

and spare parts in general (metering pumps, pumps raise water, big bag filter sludge etc.).

If there is a the need we can design and develop a new complete water treatment plant, or we can implement and improve existing systems with installation of automatic filter presses.




Green Line: a different approach in water treatment.

To achieve the maximum environmental friendliness Green Line chemicals eliminate and reduce

the placing of heavy metals, polluting molecules and risks to users.



After sales service: We provide to all our customers a continued service with regular
visits and analytical controls where necessary

tratt-acque-labanalitici dove necessario per ottimizzare la gestione e funzionamento dell’impianto e ridurre gli sprechi .

Flocculantreagents dosed at the beginning of the cycle of water treatment,

they have the purpose of coagulate sludge by forming aggregates with greater weight in order to improve speed of decantation.

Polyelectrolyte organic polymers that bind to previous aggregates of coagulated increasing their weight for further speed up the precipitation.

Preservatives water chemical to control and prevent the formation of bacteria and algae

Anti – odor : formulated to eliminate odors and inhibit the subsequent reappearance. They also improve working environment and protect the company avoiding reports from authorities

They improve their action when combined with our preservatives.

Defoamers: can be silicone or silicone free, break down the foam optimizing the purification cycle

Sorbent: chemical for oily collect fractions of process water